Инструкция anytone at-5888uv

инструкция anytone at-5888uv
Well, was pleasantly surprised to see a well-constructed, suitably massive radio, with all the initial attachments nicely packed in the lower half of the box. Остальные глюки, хотя они есть, меня не напрягают. Even worked .52 simplex stations that I couldn’t work with other mobile radios. This gives the repeater a very smooth and quiet sound and makes prolonged use very comfortable as you won’t hear any squelch noise, except on rare occasions. Performance: So far, so good! I’ve made mobile-to-base simplex contacts over 35 miles away with good clarity and sensitivity.

Вот и у меня он тихий, в нормальных условиях незаметен. Please leave a comment here about how well the radio performs and whether you like it or not. ImmortalУчастникс авг 2013Ивано-Франковск, УкраинаСообщений: 780 Дата: 16 Дек 2014 13:27:54 # При сканировании пищит, тут без изменений. This radio as a lot going on. I’ve had my radio for several months now and I’m still learning all of the features and functions. Расскажите как впечатления ? Дата: 30 Окт 2014 12:08:16 # brodobrei.

Works Great By RichardI received the radio and on a quick look of the Manual I thought OMG!! Am I ever going to be able to figure this thing out? Requires 12-14Vdc power hookup, at 12A or more, and an Optional suitable Dualband Antenna.Optional QDM-01 Base Station Microphone, & QMB-03 Front Panel Bracket kit are Available ( sold seperate).Very Compact size, approx 5.5″ x 1.58″ x 8.35! Дата: 09 Дек 2014 18:19:11 # У меня новая версия аппарата (заказал 25 октября), серийник 1407A31621, есть наклейка PLUS UPGRADED — шумодав на CB работает нормально, S-метр также адекватен. По крайней мере, на автомобильную антенну. Great for Amateur, Public Service and Commercial uses!PC Programmable w/downloadable free software, Even has a Built-in USB port to charge your phone! Being able to adjust all of «default» power on settings through the software is nice.

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