Руководство пользователя sailor tt 3026m

руководство пользователя sailor tt 3026m
Sailor 500 FleetBroadband Ships are becoming an integrated part of the office infrastructure, raising demands for better data rates and improved connections. Small compact unit — easy to install Thrane & Thrane Sailor mini-C equipment is the world’s first mini-C tracking systems and consist of a single, small unit, This contains an Inmarsat-C antenna, a 12-channel GPS receiver and a transceiver. Additionally we have mini C terminals TT-3026: SSAS, GMDSS or Lrit. The Iridium 9555 satellite phone is compact, light, and easy to use but with industrial-grade ruggedness — and it’s connected to the only truly global mobile communications network. Beside our message terminals TT 3606E , we have also Inmarsat C antenna TT-3005M / TT-3005A and transceivers TT-3020 B or C on our stocks. Communication is vital for safety and efficiency at sea so choosing a portable radio designed specifically for this harsh environment is a must.

Describe at least five problems and provide the rationale for each. Our cost-effective solutions help improve day-to-day operations with constant, instant connectivity. Additionally we can supply either SD card sollution or with Floppy drive.

Fully waterproof, the SAILOR SP3500 portable series offers a model for all marine applications including GMDSS and new ATeX versions. The TT-3026M/S/D is one of very few mini-C’s on the market with a built-in vessel monitoring system, which allows event-based position reporting. Its means it only transmits when it is necessary to do so.

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