Мануалы ford taurus mercury sable 1986

мануалы ford taurus mercury sable 1986
Более распространенный двигатель V6 3.0 л. получил последовательный впрыск топлива, что однако не отразилось в прибавке мощности. That would come with the introduction of the sixth generation.A More Modern Sedan2010 would mark the triumphant return of the Taurus name and image. The Taurus front inner parking lights now met the grille at a straighter angle. Most sedans had black B- and C-pillars while and all wagons got body colored pillars.

Anti-lock brakes (with four-wheel disc brakes) and a in-dash CD player were now optional equipment. All models received upgrades to the steering and braking systems to improve driveability. Some 1994-1999 Vulcans got this transaxle although there was no reason why and they were pretty random. Retrieved 2007-08-14. ^ «Storied Ford Taurus reaches end of line». Detroit News. 2006-10-23. Retrieved 2007-08-14. [permanent dead link] ^ «So long, friend. There is conflicting information as to when the production of the AX4S was stopped. The Vulcan 3.0L V6 was optional on on the Taurus L/GL and Sable GS sedans.

Also, inner parking light on the Taurus curves while later models are straighter. Length was increased by a few inches, and weight was up a couple of hundred pounds over the previous generation.[17] Every body panel, except for the doors, was redesigned. [ First Posted: August 4, 2004 ] [ Last Modified: February 02, 2010 ] Pictures Research Please don’t sue us. It is, after all, for educational use.

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