Инструкция jvc ux

инструкция jvc ux
Take care especially while “WAIT” is shown on the display. It may damage the recorded tracks in the System. Erase some tracks. ] There have been 999 tracks or groups on the USB device you want to record into. Page 1: Micro Component System MICRO COMPONENT SYSTEM UX-G500V —Consists of CA-UXG500V and SP-UXG500V SUPER VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS GVT0249-006A [US/UB/UN/UG/UX/A/UH/UW]… Page 2 Warnings, Cautions and Others CAUTION line. Specs: Power output: 50 watts per channel, 1-bit D/A converter. The MPEG-2 files with the <.mod> extension code cannot be played back if HD format is used or its maximum bit rate is more than 2 Mbps.

Page 9: Preparing The Remote Control System. • You cannot connect a computer to the USB memory terminal ( • You cannot connect JVC Everio camcorder to the USB memory terminal ( • Noise and static electricity may stop the USB mass storage class device sound. For “DISC”: Select the title/group number, then the chapter/track/file number. Unplug the power cord and then plug it back in. But the machine cost $700 here, so something is bad and the remote is plain ugly… Other vice, I love the look, with the shiny black speakers — — even if the ergonomics stinks, with no volume knob and all controls on the top.

Giving (Editing) Titles to Tracks or Groups: •… Page 44: Troubleshooting Troubleshooting General Adjustments or settings are suddenly canceled before you finish. ] There is a time limit. Precautions Installation • Install the System in a location with adequate ventilation to prevent internal heat build-up in the System. Page 43: Maintenance Recording and Editing Operations (see pages 25 to 28) • Do not vibrate the System while recording/editing tracks.

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