Инструкция программатор ariston t-control

инструкция программатор ariston t-control
More modern versions are also available, known as ‘programmers’, and these can give more flexibility such as allowing you to set different times for weekdays and weekends. Obviously the savings will be less if you’re replacing older heating controls than if the new models were being added to a system that had no controls before. Why does my heating system need temperature controls?

Ariston cannot guarantee the availability of parts for discontinued products and regulations may have changed. Turning down manual radiator valves will restrict the amount of hot water entering a radiator to a fixed level. Often this will be a separate hot water programme on your heating programmer and recently installed systems will have a completely independent hot water programmer. Should I turn my room thermostat up when the weather gets colder? Obviously using your heating for only the odd hour here or there is one way of managing your bills, but that doesn’t mean it’s an efficient way to use your heating. All products are optimised for energy efficiency and designed to enable simple installation and ease of use.

Nearly all homes have some form of timer. How do temperature controls improve the efficiency of the central heating boiler? There was a 3% increase in running cost to keep the set-point temperature at 16oC. Can I control room temperatures just by turning down the manual radiator valves?

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