Инструкция abro radiator flush

инструкция abro radiator flush
A radiator flush provides a number of benefits to your vehicle’s cooling system. It is a fairly inexpensive procedure that should be performed once a year or per your owner’s manual’s recommendations. Using a permanent marker, write ‘G11 or G12 Coolant Only’ on the VW coolant tank. Be environmentally responsible and dispose of your old VW coolant properly. Please contact us with your review. “I was told my cooling system was a mess and needed a flush before I put in new antifreeze. Wynn’s Radiator Stop Leak is a sealing product to stop small leaks in the cooling system, with anti-corrosive properties.

Often when problems arise, such as an coolant leak, the new VW water pump is blamed as the cause when in fact the opposite is true. It’s usually because the installer neglected to follow this important step. This can be done by removing drain pan from underneath the vehicle and checking for any coolant dripping from the radiator. They will use pressure tests to check for leaks in the system. The tension between the seal and the spring is what allows the radiator to maintain the proper pressure. If any part is worn out, the cap may need to be replaced. Share: Bar’s Leaks Radiator 10 Minute Flush is fast, easy and safe to use. It contains no acid and needs no neutralizing. It is compatible with all automotive cooling systems and is safe to use on aluminum and plastic radiators. There are certain additives that might be necessary to add to the cooling system when dealing with diesel engines and aluminum engines, refer to maintenance manual.

With a blow gun and compressed air on low, carefully insert the blow nozzle into the small hose. Check your owner’s manual for coolant suggestions, or bring your car’s make, model, and year information to your local auto shop for advice. Be sure to note how much coolant you need — this can range from 6-18 quarts. Наличие антифриза в системе охлаждения не влияет на эффективность очистки.СПОСОБ ПРИМЕНЕНИЯ:Вылить содержимое банки в радиатор, завести двигатель. По достижении рабочей температуры дать поработать на холостых оборотах 10-30минут, затем выключить двигатель и дать ему остыть.

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