Yamaha basic jog инструкция

yamaha basic jog инструкция
Switches — Increment messages turn the switch on. Instant MappingsIn most cases, Live uses a standard method for mapping its functions and parameters to physical controls. The assigned Min and Max ranges can be edited at any time, and can be quickly inverted with a right-click(PC) / CTRL-click(Mac) context menu command. When working with a control surface that provides physical or visual feedback, you will also need to enable the Remote switch for its output port.

Radio Buttons — The controller’s 0…127 value range is mapped onto the range of available options. The Mapping Browser will disappear, but you can always review your mappings by entering MIDI Map Mode again. 26.2.2 Mapping to MIDI Notes MIDI notes send simple Note On and Note Off messages to Live’s interface elements. The Mapping Browser will also become available. If the Browser is hidden, you will want to show it at this point using the appropriate View menu command. Leave Key Map Mode by pressing Live’s KEY switch once again. This is a common cause of confusion that can be easily resolved by observing the Control Bar’s MIDI indicators (see 14.3.4). Before making any MIDI assignments, you will need to set up Live to recognize your control surfaces. Note: Some control surfaces do not support locking to devices.

Delete mappings using your computer’s Backspace or Delete key. Шины На скутере используются бескамерные шины, размерности 80/90-10 34J. Рекомендованное давление в шинах: переднее колесо — 7,25 кг/см2 заднее колесо — 1,75 кг/см2 Задняя подвеска. For control surfaces that are not natively supported, Live tries to detect the controller type and whether acceleration is being used or not.

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