Ft-950 инструкция

ft-950 инструкция
Much of ham equipment is outdated, by modern processing power standards. There is so much potential in this, I don’t know why they didn’t follow through with it. Noi crediamo di meritare almeno un paio di caffè: perchè non donarli per sostenere i costi del server? Часть1) Русский Word 14402 kb AOR AR-5000 Радиоприемник (инстр. Часть2) Русский Word 13577 kb AOR AR-5000 Радиоприемник (инстр.

More info: Email SubscriptionYou are not subscribed to this review. The Idea is very good and if they could pack a «Up to Date PC» with a proper Software, we could be very happy. Spectrum Scope with Limited Bandwidth Sweep feature Audio Scope/Oscilloscope Display Page Swept-Frequency SWR Page Memory Channel List World Clock with GrayLine Page Rotator Control Page Log Book Feature Product is in production. This is built into the FT-9000. Push your Menu button on your rig, and the Menu number, function and setting appear on your screen. Within a few weeks I sold it as I was very disappointed. As others said it is old, clunky, lacking in many areas and runs like it’s an old 386 pc.

Once you get comfortable operating it from the front of your rig, it all makes sense. The display is sharp on my 15 inch monitor.I find the menu mode fantastic. Contrary to what I’ve read here you can add any city in the world you like. 2. «RF Scope». I’m at a loss to understand the criticism of this screen which is essentially a spectrum analyzer as seen from the first IF of 69.45 Mhz. One problem with not being able to check out actual hardware these days at a real dealer. K3DNF Rating: 3/5 Jan 30, 2012 19:31 Send this review to a friend eh? maybe&nbsp Time owned: 3 to 6 months All the criticisms of the unit are totally true. The maps and screens are pretty but not particular usefull other than a WHIZ BANG effect. I wanted turn my FTdx5000 into a FTdx9000 which this essentially does. Didn’t have it long, but certainly wasn’t impressed.

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