Dvr-08ae-a manual инструкция

dvr-08ae-a manual инструкция
Click on «Register» Click «I Agree» Click «submit» after you complete the registration A tips will be pop up after resigster successed. Fifth, Remote visit DVR by IE Open IE browser on PC,if only visit by internal network, user can directly input IP address with port number in IE browser. «Such as , the browser will automatically download the controls file after confirmation. Открываются импульсом электрического тока (12V), а также ключом, или с помощью встроенной механической кнопки. В комплекте прилагается 5 ключей. ВИДЕООБЗОР: электромеханический замок ATIS Lock SS. After pass the test, you can visit by domain name! Тип установки по направлению закрывания двери: левый / правый.

Note: The user name format of meibu is the full domain name address when the user apply for, such as: , the user do not need to fill the host domain name; however, when use dvrdydns domain name, the user need to fill host domain name, such as: . Click » OK «,Then domain name registration is completed. Knowledge about Network LAN (intranet): A computer network to cover one or several buildings, a small geographical area of the campus or a factory.

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