Globalmapper инструкция

With this option you can load massive data sets into Google Earth and they will still display quickly. Export STL Command The Export STL command allows the user to export any loaded elevation grid data sets to a STL format file for use with some CAD systems. The image data will be compressed using the PackBits compression algorithm. 24-bit RGB — This option generates a raster GeoTIFF file with 24-bits per pixel. Global Mapper SDK: Leverage the power of Global Mapper by purchasing the Global Mapper Software Developer Kit (SDK)! Software developers can improve existing software or create custom stand-alone applications with the SDK. Now customers can also create desktop extensions for Global Mapper. The Layer Names section allows you to control how the layer names used in the exported DXF file are generated. The DWG Version section allows you to select which DWG version to create.

The township, range, section, and meridian values saved for each area feature exported are derived either from the attribute values for the area feature or the display label for «Survey Section» area types. Data Processing: Global Mapper includes numerous functions for processing imported data. GPS Tracking: Global Mapper contains a full featured dedicated menu for GPS data management. Double-clicking on an item in the list will recenter the view on that object. For other points, in addition to the base position and elevation, if there is an INTENSITY attribute available for the point, the value of that attribute will be exported as the intensity for the point in the exported LAS file.

Once an input file type is selected, another dialog with a list of all compatible export file types is displayed, allowing the user to select what type of file to convert the input files to. Using this causes the actual point size of the font to vary as you zoom in and out. FONT_CHARSET — specifies the numeric character set of the font to use when displaying the display label, if any, for this feature. For example, some formats may start coordinate lines with the sequence «XY,». The Rows to Skip at Start of File setting controls how many lines to skip at the start of the file before trying to extract data.

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