Brother dcp-7010r сервис мануал

Tail edge actuator Tail edge spring Chute Printer top side (Printer body upside down) 5.1.25 Regist Front Actuator/Regist Front Spring (1) Remove the regist front actuator with the regist front spring. The machine is out of paper or paper is No Paper Fed not properly loaded in the paper tray. Page 27: Changing The Default Copy Settings, Quality Making a poster (Page Layout) You can create a poster. Page 59 Appendix You can scroll more quickly through each menu level by pressing the arrow for the direction you want: Select an option by pressing Set when that option appears on the LCD. The LCD will then show the next menu level. Electrical Hazard icons alert you to a possible electrical shock.

Backlight guide Hook Boss Hook “A”… Page 100 (9) Remove the diffusion film. PaperPort Software Difficulties Cannot install software or print. Front cover Paper tray (3) Remove the separation pad holder ASSY and the separation pad spring. Page 22: Using The Temporary Copy Keys, Enlarging Or Reducing The Image Copied Chapter 3 Using the Temporary Copy keys When you want to quickly change the copy settings temporarily for the next copy, use the Temporary Copy keys.
Picture marked “sandwich” was done by running the film through the printer together with a sheet of plain paper. The machine does not feed paper from the manual feed slot. Panel PCB ASSY Panel harness ASSY Panel unit Scanner unit Hooks (5) Remove the LCD harness from the panel PCB. (6) Release the three hooks “A”… Page 99 (7) Remove the rubber key. NOTE: When re-assembling the rubber key, make sure that the key works correctly. Bold Bold typeface identifies specific keys on the machine’s control panel.

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