Yum инструкция centos

yum инструкция centos
For example, if you have 3 transactions, where package A; B and C where installed respectively. You might have multiple Workbench packages available, so choose the «mysql-workbench-community» version. Currently in CentOS-4 those are protectbase, priorities and fastestmirror.

John Wiley & Sons. p. 598. ISBN 9781118286906. ^ a b Jang, Michael H. (2006). Linux Patch Management: Keeping Linux Systems Up to Date. The remaining hosts, centos-minion-n will be the nodes and run kubelet, proxy, cadvisor and docker. External URL’s that might come in handy: ( Note: keep in mind that the yum version used in CentOS might not always be the same as the version reported / used upstream ). Steps for a Fresh Installation of MySQL Follow the steps below to install the latest GA release of MySQL (from the MySQL 5.7 series currently) with the MySQL Yum repository: Adding the MySQL Yum Repository First, add the MySQL Yum repository to your system’s repository list. This will install packages in the group not already installed and upgrade existing packages. The packages-list/packages-info commands takes a package (with wildcards, as in Specifying package names). And show data from the point of view of that package.

Retrieved 12 July 2013. ^ «Maintaining yum». CentOS. Retrieved 12 July 2013. ^ «createrepo(8)». Linux manual page. CentOS 5 has this option enabled by default. For example: sudo yum —enablerepo=remi install php-tcpdf If you want to permanently enable the Remi repository, you need to edit the yum configuration file for Remi. You can also use —releasever=/ to take the releasever information from outside the installroot. This is done in the background, so the yum lock is released for other operations. See the FAQ. Stable Mainline Source code repository is at /nginx.

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