Видеорегистратор tvt td-2308se-c инструкция

видеорегистратор tvt td-2308se-c инструкция
Motion Configuration Configuration of motion detection within the ACC Client. Digital Input Receive Digital or Relay inputs from camera. Digital output Trigger digital or relay outputs physically connected to a camera. Entering the code incorrectly prompts a series of around eight beeps followed by a double beep, signifying to re-enter the number sequence. Motion Quick display of whether Motion Recording is available on for the camera.

The new password is now confirmed and should now work on the device. Autodiscovery Automatic discovery of camera IP address when connected within a LAN environment. Connection Type Describes the type of Device Driver used.

Audio Output Send audio to speaker attached to camera. Native refers to the Manufacturer’s specific device driver. Dewarping In-Client dewarping of fisheye or panoramic cameras.

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