Джип чероки xj 2.5 д 1995 руководство

джип чероки xj 2.5 д 1995 руководство
You may need the assistance of a hydraulic shop to have the high pressure (supply) hose ends matched or adapted as per your pump and gear combo. Their nominal estimated, accessory loaded weights are: 2.5L I4, 340 lbs. 4.0L I6, 515 lbs. For ’87-to-’89 XJ models, a Peugeot BA-10 manual transmission was placed behind the six-cylinder engine. Rear gateIt’s not uncommon to see the hatch of older Cherokees cracked around the window and edges.

The 23-spline manual transmission was universal in the Eagle lines and was generally used with six-cylinder applications. This seat can be folded down (but not split) to provide increased storage space in the rear. The Stage II XJ received the AW4 automatic overdrive transmission with the I6 option.

Chief — 1984–1990 included: cloth plaid-pattern upholstery, and AM/FM radio with two speakers. For the article about Jeep Four-Wheel drive systems by tradename, see Jeep four-wheel-drive systems. The four-cylinder model was named the BJ2500, signifying Beijing Jeep with the 2.5 L AMC straight-4 engine, while the six-cylinder model was named the BJ4000, signifying it had the 4.0 L AMC Straight-6 engine. Retrieved 6 July 2015. ^ Ostle, Dorothee (November 27, 2000). «New COO is known as a problem solver». Automotive News. ^ Krebs, Michelle (30 July 2007). «New Chrysler: Wolfgang Bernhard Reportedly to Return». Edmunds Auto Observer. Novak started swapping V8 engines into XJ Jeeps a few years ago and setting up a cooling system was a stifling challenge.

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